Here is my submission to the EXHIBITION of the GIG of the EXHIBITION of the GIG, a GIG that also playing as 2 of 6 hands in Trouble With Books, the last Exhibition/Gig was amazing, so this one will equally be bloody amazing so come and see it. Loads of lovely folkness from the nicest of nice to the bleakest of bleak. 

Also thank you for those that came to look at my drawings or take any home from the in REAL LIFE 3D SPECTACULAR style at DDTD on Friday.



Come and watch some bands and have a look at some of my drawings in a none blog visiting manner! how bloody exciting! plus also notice I've finally just not done a Star Wars poster for the arld Barbers, Star Wars is rubbish. Right, Me and the missus have Vimto ice pops and Mad Men is in the DVD player so I'm doing one, bye!!! come and look at my shit in REAL 3D LIFE!